Kindred of The East - Age of Sorrow

Honoured ancestors of Bishamon, a mysterious corporation from the West is trying to corrupt the Middle Kingdom and I fear there is little we can do to stop it.
For now I have returned to Nippon with my Wu, the Jade Hand. Allow me to explain how this has come to pass.

We left the lair of the wolf-men and retreated to the Bone Court. Fate seems to have put the aforementioned Pentex corporation in our way, and in our sights, but has provided us with few means to act against them. Thus far we had found but one name, Zhou Enlai. The only decision-maker we had been able to identify and he was not even in the direct employ of Pentex. Zhou Enlai was a Communist Party bureaucrat, the Provincial official for Planning & Construction. We would pay him a visit in Beijing, perhaps we would learn more, but if he was guilty he would die. After some deliberation we decided to tell the Bone Court as little as possible to avoid entangling them directly in the business of our Wu. Few questions were asked of our request to ride the dragon line between the Courts and soon after the ritual began.

We arrived in the Blood Court of Beijing, paying our respects to the Ancestors there upon arrival and stating our business as personal in nature. Soon after we ventured out into the great city of Beijing, the very centre of the Middle Kingdom according to the ancients of our kind. Much had changed since I last passed this way, and as we exited the old Forbidden City I saw that towers of steel and glass had sprang up as far as the eye could see rivaling even Tokyo in its modernity. Still, there was no time to waste and Pongreet set to work with Minsheo's spirit spider tracking down our target.
First we found his place of work, a tall building in the government district, but our nushi reported that his office seemed empty. Next came his home where the rest of his family lived. We watched it for a time deducing that our target must indeed be mortal man albeit a corrupted one. It emerged that Zhou was away on business and would return in a few days time. We made our plans accordingly.

After much discussion our plan, in the end, was a simple one. We would await his return and watch his movements, then when the time was right, we would strike without warning. We rented two vehicles, the first of which, driven by Meifeng, would appear to crash into Zhou's chauffeured car as he was seen exiting the building. Then, myself and Seshwayo would quickly and forcibly bundle our man into the second vehicle, driven by Pongreet, who would pull up in front of the building only seconds behind Meifeng. All went to plan at first and Zhou was thrown into the van, but we had failed to spot the building's armed guards who soon realized what was happening. We fled the scene under a hail of bullets as Pongreet was forced to lose a pursuing Police vehicle through the winding streets of old Beijing.

When we reached our appointed destination, an empty warehouse we had identified the previous night, Zhou Enlai was thrown in side and the doors locked behind us. He cowered on the floor in what appeared to be honest fear. He just took the bribes and asked no questions, he said. Naturally this was not enough but when I raised my sword for the killing blow he presented his phone to us, pointing to a number he had been told to call if anyone ever asked about their arrangement. I paused, we were curious.
Claiming he knew nothing further I instructed him to make the call and ask for a meeting. A way to draw out another another agent of Pentex and move further up the chain. It was not to be however. As soon as he put the phone to his ear and the line connected his head exploded. Literally.
A sophisticated explosive device must have been implanted inside his skull, and from his manner at the time I would guess that it must have been done without his knowledge. I am convinced that Zhou Enlai placed that call in an attempt to save his own life rather than end it as a Kamikaze for his cause. But the number was no lifeline, instead both it and the bomb in the corrupt bureaucrat's head were just another method for Pentex to cover their own tracks. There was nothing to do but dispose of the body and leave the scene.

Knowing that if the Police were looking for us they would not stop with single car chase, we decided to leave. We resolved to return to Chongking if called in that direction, but first decided to leave China for a time while the heat from our actions died down. Slipping over the outer walls of the Forbidden city to avoid detection by the mortal authorities we returned to the Blood Court and from there rode the dragoon lines out of the city and to the relative safety of Okinawa.

Yamamoto Shinzo of Tanegashima

KIndred of the East, Age of Sorrow, Episode 5: The Demon and The Slave

And so the Deserter and the Rebel have joined the Lawman, Warrior and Wanderer.  The wu is complete and balanced, but its members are young.  With thier first taste of sucess, they must be careful not to become overconfident as they prepare to meet their destniny.

After witnessing the handiwork of the omnipresent Pentex, the wu spends a day chasing shadows and false leads around Yichang, like a dog snapping at fleas.  Pentex thrives where corruption is rife, but is always hidden, operating through cell like subsideries with only the thinniest links traced back to dubious goverment officials.

During their investigations a strange monkey crosses  the wu's path on several occasions.  As they leave Yichang Pongreet notices that it wears a small jade key.

When they return to Chongqing the court is full of talk of Pentex and D.N.A., but the younglings are told to tend to dharma and wu. "They should leave the important battle to their betters".

The lawman begins to forge a mutal respect with fox spirit now named Kitsune.  They spend the day sniffing out the halls of the bone court and exploring the Sky Mountain yang realm that exists along side the city under the mountain.

It is, when one has most to gain from exploring ones dharma, the favoured time of the Po to lead us to distraction.  This most auspicious wu is no exception.

And so they find themselves in the wolfs lair.  The visit was pleasant and welcome at first, until the Po seized its chance.  The Monkey was first, easily distracted by the western novilties, she soon offended the wu's host.  As the centre of the the wu crumbled.  Tempers rose, and an offand insult from the Warrior awoke the Slave.  It was time to leave.

Barley seconds into the privacy of the lift, the Monkeys antics infuriate the Demons.  Only the Deserter can control his Po to defend the mischeivious monkey from the Warrior Demon.  As the slave throws her self at the feet of the Lawman Demons feet.  But the deserters valient efforts are not enough.  The Warrior Demon rearms himself and runs the Monkey through, as the doors open.

  • yang realmThe Hundred-Mask Clowns, referring to Clan Ravnos

  • The Shameful Path of the Ghost Bully, referring to Clan Giovanni

  • The Silent Tiger Brotherhood, likely referring to Clan Assamite

  • The Rut of the Pretentious Geisha, likely referring to Clan Toreador

  • The Way of the Insufferable Flesh Gardners, likely referring to Clan Tzimisce

  • The Inauspicious Order of Blood Devils, likely referring to Clan Tremere

  • The Thousand Charming Company Men, likely referring to the Clan Ventrue

During the Victorian Era, the Bone Flowers also studied the Paths of Enlightenment under the umbrella term Dharmas of the Unexamined Horizon, before declaring them hoaxes.[2]

Kindred of the East, Age of Sorrow: Chapter 4 - Battle at the dam

Is this recording? I can't tell.. I can't see anything moving.

(sub audible mumbling) proper dicta-phone.

-recording cut-

Chimlin: Have just been to see our hengeyokai friends. They seem to heal up even faster than we do! Anyway Mr Green and his associates seem to have a theory that D.N.A and their Pentex overlords were trying to manufacture an artificial kuei jin with their experiments.. This seems insane to me, but then these people seem to have very dark designs for the world. Well, I'm on my way back to the court now so I'll speak to you later.

-recording cut-

Chimlin: Reasearch here at the bone court seems to concur with Mr Greens research. Also Chimlin, I heard back from Pim and her murder weapon is safe so at least I know things are going well there.

Still, D.N.A is a slippery fish and we can find no trace of them. However Pentex is a bigger fish, and we have traced a tenticle of their operation to nearby, so it's off to Yichang with us. I say us we have a new member of our wu, but more on that later Chimlin, I have to get the truck ready for the road.

-recording cut-

(barely contained rage) Never let anyone else drive Chimlin, remind me!! Never let anyone else drive!!

-recording cut-

(whisper) Chimlin: we're at a depot for a Pentex holding company in waste disposal. Problem is theyaren't taking the waste to the tip. We're going to sneak in and find out more.

-recording cut-

We're back on the road.. Let me recap. We got into the site office and found where they are dumping the waste. Seemingly they are dumping it in the flood plain of the dam. Why would anyone do such a thing?

We're just there now. And.. My god Chimlin. This is disgusting!

There's a lot more here than just domestic waste. It seems that they are dumping all kinds of foul and toxic shit here! We have to get out of here and find a way to stop them.

*rustling noises*

*a sudden shout, followed by cries of battle*

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Kindred Of The East: Age Of Sorrow
Honoured ancestors of Bishamon, I long for Tanegashima and Nippon but for the current time fate has decreed a different course for me. The great wheel continues to turn, crushing all resistance beneath it.

And so, in the Yang reams of Chongqing our Wu continued the search for a suitable nushi spirit to join our number. Many strange denizens of that realm crossed our path, iron giants, glass spiders, spirits of disease, and the spirits of nature, but before any likely candidates could be found a Western Hengeyokai boldly approached us and asked for assistance. I suspect he may have been watching since our arrival as he knew we were Kue-Jin, but told of a nearby facility responsible for human experimentation and defiled Chi, run by a western corporation with supernatural ties. The Pentex corporation. He asked for our help, claiming the building had been warded against his kind, but the name meant little to us and so we offered to take his words under advisement and continued our search through the spirit lands.

Afterward Minseo Rim discovered a trail left by a fox spirit we thought might meet our needs but upon following its course we found only corrupt and unsuitable specimens. While on this trail the Korean Crane also took in one of the strange spider spirits that infest the urban areas of the Yang and had been showing an unusual interest in us. Undeterred, we continued our search for a nushi and at length came upon another fox spirit, one that was bright and full of energy. In time we will see if he decides to join us.

The next night we returned and decided to look into what the hengeyokai Derek Green had told us about the facility and sought him out. He was glad to explain that the front his enemies were operating under in Chongqing was called 'Developmental Neogenetics Amalgamated', and that the business being conducted there was equally profane to both our kinds. On this occasion we agreed to help, if his words proved true bringing swift justice to such corrupted interlopers would be sweet indeed. Later that night we approached their building.
From the outside it was plain and unremarkable, a single security guard sat at a reception desk behind locked glass doors. I drew my katana as we circled round to the rear and forced open the emergency exit. We knew just where to go from there, Minseo's glass spider had infiltrated for us in advance and provided the layout. Our plan of attack was simple and we executed it without hesitation. There were two wings to the lab, I took one while Pongreet and Minseo took the other. I proceeded down the white corridors and into the clean rooms but found them abandoned aside from a Western vampire tied down to a bed, slowly cooking beneath the glare of powerfull UV lamps. I deactivated the lights but left the man restrained while I proceeded to the other wing to see what my companions had found.
It would emerge that they encountered significantly more resistance than myself. They first found and unconscious man locked in a holding cell, Pongreet freed and revived him only for him to shift into the wolf-man form and become enraged, smashing his way into the next lab where scientists dissected another of the hengeyokai while he still lived, restrained by chains of silver that seared his flesh. Carnage soon ensued as my companions joined him in exacting revenge, I arrived shortly afterward, pleased to join the fray.

The surgeons resisted after a fashion but never stood a chance, we cut through them both figuratively and literally like a knife through warm butter. A third was with them though, one who used strange technologies to defend himself. He escaped in the blink of an eye when things turned against them though none know how. We took the injured shapeshifters to Derek and his men who awaited us outside. Inside bright red blood spattered the walls, all had ended well.
Unsure of how to proceed with the captured Western vampire we took him with us back to the ancestors of the Bone Court of Chongqing, they accepted responsibility for him albeit somewhat reluctantly. As far as we know at this time the matter is done with, though in my view the shapeshifters we aided now owe us a debt we should not hesitate to call upon.

Yamamoto Shinzo of Tanegashima

Kindred of the East, Age of Sorrow: Chapter 2 - The Wu
Entry 25

I write this now in the unfamiliar setting of the fabled Bone Court, with anticipation for what is to come. However, before looking to the future, it is right to look back on the most recent of events, allow for the brain to make sense of it all, if you will.

My own personal journey started a few weeks ago in my home land of Seoul, the magnificent capital city of South Korea. After my transformation that is. Well, after escaping hell. Oh yes, and re-adapting to normal unlife. The eve of my acceptance into the Green Court was a perfect time to say goodbye to those once important, before surrendering to the vocation of the Crane.

My first trip was to the graveside of my one and only love Song Da-Bin. Kneeling at her final resting place I laid a flower and dug a hole, burying the red jade bracelet she had given me, after a particularly intimate and strenuous night of carnal activity. It was moments like these, I knew would never again appreciate or experience. These thoughts darkened my mood somewhat, until I remembered it was time to say goodbye to the old man.

Kwang-Jo Rim, my father, driven into mental oblivion from the loss of his wife then his daughter, had quite simply lost the will to live. I knew he was being looked after by hired healthcare workers at our family home. With the burning desire to see him one last time, I headed there with a nervous anticipation.

The problem with being dead, is that mortals do not expect you to visit your relatives, especially not at night, no matter who you masquerade as. So trying to get access was going to be exceptionally difficult. On my way to the drive I realised I did not have keys and the security systems had been upgraded. I arrived at gate and pushed the intercom. A grumpy attendant answered, and completely denied access. I contemplated my next move and decided against any unnecessary violence, leaving only one option. Solemn now, I moved to the window to see him one last time and said my goodbyes. The pain in my heart grew closer, as I chose to embrace it to keep me on my new, less destructive path.

Realising I needed guidance, I took the trip to see my beloved mentor Ki Moon. He had seemingly anticipated my visit, as he was sat on his bench awaiting my arrival. After a brief discussion of the nights events he advised that since I had a aeon of time awaiting my path, it was time I indulged in some of the old frivolities and so, with not so much encouragement I headed over to my favourite strip bar, got drunk and took a rather cute woman home.

The next evening, truth be told was a disappointment for myself and the court and mentors alike. Whilst I do not give a damn about the tutor assigned to my integration into the Green Court (I can barely remember his name and his attitude is less than favourable) the shame in Ki Moon's eyes left me reeling. The show I performed was sad at best, however, my attitude is this - at least the only way is to progress in skill and flair for next time. At least that is what I'm telling myself.

It was after the event that I was instructed to leave for the Bone Court. An ancient court, full of tradition, steeped in history. After a few days of travelling by rail, I reached my destination, made myself busy and met the resident individuals. Strangely enough, there were a few people whom I recognised immediately. The unsettling thing about this is that I had never met them in person, it was due to those dreams that I had been having. The first I met was a Japanese man, Shinzo. He is obviously a martial arts expert. One could hardly determine otherwise, for the skill he wields with his katana is extremely apparent. Having spoken to him about our mutual dreaming (maybe we are all connected to each other somehow) he explained his journey had not been too arduous, having travelled from his beloved dojo and homeland along a dragon line. I hope he will stay a little longer for he is an interesting character, like an onion perhaps, who knows what emotions lays underneath that calm surface.

The second, a woman by the name of Mei Fang. I know little of her or her history, but she seems nice, a little scholarly perhaps, but as of yet, her skills remain unknown to me. I did hear of her mention of meeting her elders before arriving at the bone court and that she had been here a while before the rest of us arrived. Whatever is her deal, I am sure it will be revealed to us before too long a time passes.

Our third and last dreamer (that I what I am calling them for the moment) Pongrit had, by far, the worst and most time costly arrival to our present location. Apparently he had tried to check on his old haunts and his ruinous fort, but something had scared him in its cavernous black interior and so he fled to us perhaps earlier than had been intended. He decided to make the several hundred mile trip in a tuk tuk (which had inevitably broken down) followed by a pickup truck. Those things are a hazard just in normal circumstances. I have no idea why (maybe he likes them, surely not!).

In the court at Chongqing, each of us was put through an incredibly invasive registration procedure, the bureaucracy logging skill and history alike leaving nothing unwritten. The discussions of dreams happened as each recognised the other, securing perhaps what our elders refer to as a Wu. Even though Shinzo was at first reluctant, he and the rest of us are on mission. A quest to find a nushi, that of the weaver spirit, a crystal spider ideally. While initially against the idea of this creature, we discussed it and travelled to the mirror lands and conversed with the local dragon in the mountain. He, rather irritated (we had awoken him from sleep) confirmed our suspicions and sent us on our way to traverse the mirror lands of Chongqing to find our shimmering eight legged quarry.

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Kindred Of The East: Episode 1 (Humble Beginnings)

A lawman, A warrior and a Wanderer, Thousands of miles apart, each of different nation and even era, yet all adrift in the rivers of fate, rivers about merge as they claim their death right.

They could not seem more different, but they are part of one whole.  Three points of fate, Strength from the south, spirit from west and fluidity from the centre.  Bound as they are each is a reflection of the other.

In a metropolis\forest\roadside inn they each sit with their mentors.  The words are spoken are in different languages, but moulded by harmony of a common destiny.

"It is time to join\claim\submit to your duty to the Great Principle.  Put your affairs in order, and present yourself to the court."

And so the differences reflect the unity of purpose.  The lawman seeks justice, the warrior seeks peace, and the wanderer wanders.

In an alley in Bangkok the lawman waits for his prey, only to learn he is but a child in the night He is eventually victorious and emerges with a trophy, and only minor wounds.  By the time his trophy arrived at its destination the ash was only identifiable by the gold teeth caps. The dark shade following the lawman may finally know some peace.

On Tanegashima the warrior is disturbed from his routine by the return of the village kami Amatsu.  The two exchange a distrustful introduction.  The peace is not disturbed but the warriors instincts cry treachery.

Two more nights pass, and in unison...

The lawman arrives at the Golden Court. With its Matriarchal Pangellan Shintai Masters

The warrior reports to House Bishamon as if stepping back into the Samurai era.

The wonderer arrives at the steps of the Ancient Bone Court of Chongqing.

The trials where designed to brake them.  Test there limits and see how they conduct themselves.

The Song of shadow fell to wave soul, when faced with the suffering of the dark kingdom of jade.

The Devil tiger was taunted and tortured till his endurance was surpassed.

And The tempest of the inward focus was broken in almost every way. But she endured the humiliation of the court with as much dignity as anyone could expect under the circumstances, and eased fears of the wild dharma's.

Once the disciples had recovered they were each welcomed back into the court as equals amongst their own kind, to perform in front of their peers. Displays of Disciplines\martial prowess and acrobatics.  Each performance one part of a single three way dance.  An echo of a future battle.

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Here's a link to the main Numenera site. Worth a poke around on there as, assuming the group is willing and we have the players, I will be running at least a short tester game for this as soon as I can!
I'm still reading through the core book but so far it looks great and would probably make a pretty refreshing change.

There Have Been Eight Previous Worlds

Each world stretched across vast millennia of time. Each played host to a race whose civilizations rose to supremacy but eventually died or scattered, disappeared or transcended. During the time each world flourished, those that ruled it spoke to the stars, reengineered their physical bodies, and mastered form and essence, all in their own unique ways.

Each left behind remnants.

The people of the new world—the Ninth World—sometimes call these remnants magic, and who are we to say they’re wrong? But most give a unique name to the legacies of the nigh-unimaginable past. Numenera.

Set in a far, far distant future, the Numenera RPG puts a new spin on traditional fantasy, creating something unique to reinvigorate the imagination of gamers everywhere. Player characters explore a world of mystery and danger to find leftover artifacts of the past: bits of nanotechnology, the datasphere threaded among still-orbiting satellites, bio-engineered creatures, and myriad strange and wondrous devices that defy understanding. Numenera is about discovering the wonders of the worlds that came before, not for their own sake, but as the means to improve the present and build a future.

London By Night - Episode 22
Report to Vienna: 47

At last things have come to a head. The League were victorious in the assault on the Antitribu Hildebrant. Thankfully the advantages of a stealthy approach and overwhelming numbers paid off, but if truth be told it was still a hard fight. He was not alone when we found him, as Miss Buttler was still with him albeit under his spell, but unfortunately he also had an ally on hand in the form of another vampiric sorcerer (perhaps the so-called 'Baali' we have heard rumours about?).

Adelpho had sent animal spies into the building to be our eyes and ears, and so we knew just where to find them.
Kitty was subdued quickest of the lot by Lady Dunsirn and the Lasombra Stephen Lenoir, but not before using the dread gaze of Presence to send Isabella fleeing into the night.
Meanwhile the real fighting was now underway in both in the basement of the mansion and atop one of its towers. Myself, Lord North, General Halesworth and our own Tomas ascended a hastily conjured ladder up the outside of the tower and came upon Hidebrant unawares. Our assault was immediate and as furious as we could muster but ineffectual at first against the strength of the elder thaumaturge. Tomas' counter-magic however proved strong enough to hold most of his abilities in check while we wore him down. The General conducted a frenzied attack as myself and North joined the fray with our blades. It was North in the end that sent him to the arms of torpor with a well placed saber strike before we put a stake through his heart.
Down in the darkness of the basement I believe things went a similar way as Adelpho, Don Cerro, Nathaniel Simmons, Herbert Weston ('The Futurist' I mentioned in my last report) and Tanner ambushed and fought with the unknown Kindred waiting down below. Our mysterious friend The Futurist flew into action throwing volatile sticks of dynamite at the enemy with utter abandon as the others attacked, even going so far as to leap on their adversary and, I believe, ram several sticks directly into his mouth even as Adelpho feasted on his tainted blood. In the end he too was overwhelmed and a stake was placed in his heart.
The dust settled and we appeared to be victorious. Kitty, still loyal to Hildebrant, was kept restrained and after some discussion we summoned help from the Chantry and thoroughly searched the premises. Naturally I secured the occult library which I found to contain several texts on what is quite possibly 'dark' thaumaturgy, while Adelpho took the opportunity to loot the place for anything of value he could carry. Once help arrived we decided to visit seneschal Valerius together as a group.

This time his servants barely raised an eyebrow when the full League, accompanied now by the Tremere Primogen, arrived at the door unannounced and carrying several suspiciously wrapped man-sized bundles. Instead they showed us inside in a resigned fashion before summoning their master. Valerius on the other hand was most pleased to see us and to hear that London's Sabbat menace had for the time being been ended. The prisoners were handed over to his custody and in turn he graciously offered Hildebrant back to the justice of his own clan after learning that we had been seeking him for some time. Quid pro quo. The Sabbat hunting affair had ended well and some trustworthy allies have doubtless been made, but the questions of Mithras' return and of course the reaction of North's sire when he realizes what we did have still yet to be addressed and I await the answers with some apprehension.
One last footnote, when we were regrouping after the fight and Lady Dunsirn returned to us she reported seeing a cloaked figure watching the mansion as she ran.This man, whatever his motives might have been gave no indication of who he was and did not acknowledge her. Further searches of the area revealed nothing. I wonder who else knew of the goings on that night and yet chose not to intervene but only to observe. Some of London's mysteries it seems remain unsolved.

I will write again soon.
Dr Franz Metternich

London by Night - session 21

Note #1:

The posh bloke got a letter from 'is dad. Didn't seem pleased and threw it away.

Note #2:

I followed that lady who smells like dead rats. She went to see the boss mans child, umm Anne. Well her butler let me in and I listened with him from the 'all while they talked. Seems she wanted some help with a Mr Winters. Well the boss lady told the smelly lady that she'd help in exchange for a boon. Not sure what that is boss, but hope that helps.

Note #3:

Sir, my latest report. My man Withers has been following that gypsie fellow around as you instructed. Apparently he's quite het up about something. Withers said he thought it was his wife? But he can't be sure.

Note #4:

Thought you should know, Adolpho came to see me today. After some investigation I have discovered that his wife has been transported to an umbral realm. Rather grand sounding I know. I believe she has joined the ranks of the awakened, if that means anything to you. If she doesn't return of her own accord I have agreed to enable him to speak with her.

This explains her absence which you were so curious about before.

I will not suffer you to use this intelligence in any way which harms Adolpho or his lady, but I trust this settles our debt?

G. Wildman.

Note #5:

The meeting of the league is concluded! We've found Kitty Butler! You should be aware that we're not mobilising the FULL LEAGUE to apprehend the kidnapper and rescue the damsel! You should come at once to the attached address and aid us in the assault!


The league split into three teams and stealthily crossed the open ground. Franz conjured a ladder and the assault began..

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London by Night - Episode 20
It seems that the Samedi a Mr Winters may have more information about the Marcello incident - he has requested a meeting, and I will honour it as he has been useful so far. I hope this isn't yet another play by the Giovanni to get me out of power or cause mischief in the court as they did before - which by the way Charles, if you remember it was the Giovanni that started the sabbat/avalon war in a bid for power. Yet Lady Dunsirn has been exceptionally helpful so I am in two minds whether this is a pure fantasy or whether I should should send her to Dr. Timothy for interrogation. I suppose time will reveal all.

On to a more important matter, news has reached me that the casket belonging to Lord North has been moved to the now abandoned ship (the Angelus) and even more importantly was opened. My sources say that it was an ancient vampire held within the casket, one that has the hunger for cainite blood. Apparently, the casket had to be opened using the blood of the 13 clans, how they achieved this is beyond me, for it is quite the feat. I suppose the Red Lodge is now extremely influential and has many allies - good for me, not so for others who work against me, as long I a command them, the court cannot usurp my position - only Mithras can do that.

I do wonder though how they managed to quell a half starved vampire's rage - yes the lodge is powerful, but, still no match for an ancient one - even one that is half dead........

Ahh, very well, I have just received another tiny morsel of information. According to the ears and eyes, the ancient one tried to eat Mr Metternich, despite Mr. Mara's attempts to feed her cannon fodder from the street and at the most perilous moment the lodge members were rescued by an unknown cainite at a great speed, who managed to quell her beast and removed her from the fray. This is the thing that worries me - do we have an antediluvian in our midst?

If it is Mithras why has he not revealed himself to me his seneschal?


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