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draxil wrote in dark_rp

In all likelyhood Wraith will be jumping the queue game-wise, so I thought I'd post to help people start thinking about characters.

It's a pretty blank canvas as I want to set the scene in-game. Essentially the most important thing for this will be a background, and what happened in your life, particularly for those of you who haven't played much wraith. The setting will be relatively contemporary (early 2000's) England, but I am happy for people to have died further back in history and to be from any place that fits your concept.

I'd like some people to be freshly dead and some to be more experienced. If you're not familiar with Wraith freshly dead could be a good way to go as that way you will be able to roleplay your way into learning about the afterlife.

First session (which will be after countessfenrig's cthuloid insanity) will definitely be character creation so we can get the details right then, but Wraith more than your average game pays good returns for a good background.

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OK mail sent re character.

what core book should i be looking at oblivion 1st or 2nd edition?

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