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London by Night - session 21
draxil wrote in dark_rp

Note #1:

The posh bloke got a letter from 'is dad. Didn't seem pleased and threw it away.

Note #2:

I followed that lady who smells like dead rats. She went to see the boss mans child, umm Anne. Well her butler let me in and I listened with him from the 'all while they talked. Seems she wanted some help with a Mr Winters. Well the boss lady told the smelly lady that she'd help in exchange for a boon. Not sure what that is boss, but hope that helps.

Note #3:

Sir, my latest report. My man Withers has been following that gypsie fellow around as you instructed. Apparently he's quite het up about something. Withers said he thought it was his wife? But he can't be sure.

Note #4:

Thought you should know, Adolpho came to see me today. After some investigation I have discovered that his wife has been transported to an umbral realm. Rather grand sounding I know. I believe she has joined the ranks of the awakened, if that means anything to you. If she doesn't return of her own accord I have agreed to enable him to speak with her.

This explains her absence which you were so curious about before.

I will not suffer you to use this intelligence in any way which harms Adolpho or his lady, but I trust this settles our debt?

G. Wildman.

Note #5:

The meeting of the league is concluded! We've found Kitty Butler! You should be aware that we're not mobilising the FULL LEAGUE to apprehend the kidnapper and rescue the damsel! You should come at once to the attached address and aid us in the assault!


The league split into three teams and stealthily crossed the open ground. Franz conjured a ladder and the assault began..


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