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London By Night - Episode 22
es0terika wrote in dark_rp
Report to Vienna: 47

At last things have come to a head. The League were victorious in the assault on the Antitribu Hildebrant. Thankfully the advantages of a stealthy approach and overwhelming numbers paid off, but if truth be told it was still a hard fight. He was not alone when we found him, as Miss Buttler was still with him albeit under his spell, but unfortunately he also had an ally on hand in the form of another vampiric sorcerer (perhaps the so-called 'Baali' we have heard rumours about?).

Adelpho had sent animal spies into the building to be our eyes and ears, and so we knew just where to find them.
Kitty was subdued quickest of the lot by Lady Dunsirn and the Lasombra Stephen Lenoir, but not before using the dread gaze of Presence to send Isabella fleeing into the night.
Meanwhile the real fighting was now underway in both in the basement of the mansion and atop one of its towers. Myself, Lord North, General Halesworth and our own Tomas ascended a hastily conjured ladder up the outside of the tower and came upon Hidebrant unawares. Our assault was immediate and as furious as we could muster but ineffectual at first against the strength of the elder thaumaturge. Tomas' counter-magic however proved strong enough to hold most of his abilities in check while we wore him down. The General conducted a frenzied attack as myself and North joined the fray with our blades. It was North in the end that sent him to the arms of torpor with a well placed saber strike before we put a stake through his heart.
Down in the darkness of the basement I believe things went a similar way as Adelpho, Don Cerro, Nathaniel Simmons, Herbert Weston ('The Futurist' I mentioned in my last report) and Tanner ambushed and fought with the unknown Kindred waiting down below. Our mysterious friend The Futurist flew into action throwing volatile sticks of dynamite at the enemy with utter abandon as the others attacked, even going so far as to leap on their adversary and, I believe, ram several sticks directly into his mouth even as Adelpho feasted on his tainted blood. In the end he too was overwhelmed and a stake was placed in his heart.
The dust settled and we appeared to be victorious. Kitty, still loyal to Hildebrant, was kept restrained and after some discussion we summoned help from the Chantry and thoroughly searched the premises. Naturally I secured the occult library which I found to contain several texts on what is quite possibly 'dark' thaumaturgy, while Adelpho took the opportunity to loot the place for anything of value he could carry. Once help arrived we decided to visit seneschal Valerius together as a group.

This time his servants barely raised an eyebrow when the full League, accompanied now by the Tremere Primogen, arrived at the door unannounced and carrying several suspiciously wrapped man-sized bundles. Instead they showed us inside in a resigned fashion before summoning their master. Valerius on the other hand was most pleased to see us and to hear that London's Sabbat menace had for the time being been ended. The prisoners were handed over to his custody and in turn he graciously offered Hildebrant back to the justice of his own clan after learning that we had been seeking him for some time. Quid pro quo. The Sabbat hunting affair had ended well and some trustworthy allies have doubtless been made, but the questions of Mithras' return and of course the reaction of North's sire when he realizes what we did have still yet to be addressed and I await the answers with some apprehension.
One last footnote, when we were regrouping after the fight and Lady Dunsirn returned to us she reported seeing a cloaked figure watching the mansion as she ran.This man, whatever his motives might have been gave no indication of who he was and did not acknowledge her. Further searches of the area revealed nothing. I wonder who else knew of the goings on that night and yet chose not to intervene but only to observe. Some of London's mysteries it seems remain unsolved.

I will write again soon.
Dr Franz Metternich


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