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Kindred Of The East: Age Of Sorrow
es0terika wrote in dark_rp
Honoured ancestors of Bishamon, I long for Tanegashima and Nippon but for the current time fate has decreed a different course for me. The great wheel continues to turn, crushing all resistance beneath it.

And so, in the Yang reams of Chongqing our Wu continued the search for a suitable nushi spirit to join our number. Many strange denizens of that realm crossed our path, iron giants, glass spiders, spirits of disease, and the spirits of nature, but before any likely candidates could be found a Western Hengeyokai boldly approached us and asked for assistance. I suspect he may have been watching since our arrival as he knew we were Kue-Jin, but told of a nearby facility responsible for human experimentation and defiled Chi, run by a western corporation with supernatural ties. The Pentex corporation. He asked for our help, claiming the building had been warded against his kind, but the name meant little to us and so we offered to take his words under advisement and continued our search through the spirit lands.

Afterward Minseo Rim discovered a trail left by a fox spirit we thought might meet our needs but upon following its course we found only corrupt and unsuitable specimens. While on this trail the Korean Crane also took in one of the strange spider spirits that infest the urban areas of the Yang and had been showing an unusual interest in us. Undeterred, we continued our search for a nushi and at length came upon another fox spirit, one that was bright and full of energy. In time we will see if he decides to join us.

The next night we returned and decided to look into what the hengeyokai Derek Green had told us about the facility and sought him out. He was glad to explain that the front his enemies were operating under in Chongqing was called 'Developmental Neogenetics Amalgamated', and that the business being conducted there was equally profane to both our kinds. On this occasion we agreed to help, if his words proved true bringing swift justice to such corrupted interlopers would be sweet indeed. Later that night we approached their building.
From the outside it was plain and unremarkable, a single security guard sat at a reception desk behind locked glass doors. I drew my katana as we circled round to the rear and forced open the emergency exit. We knew just where to go from there, Minseo's glass spider had infiltrated for us in advance and provided the layout. Our plan of attack was simple and we executed it without hesitation. There were two wings to the lab, I took one while Pongreet and Minseo took the other. I proceeded down the white corridors and into the clean rooms but found them abandoned aside from a Western vampire tied down to a bed, slowly cooking beneath the glare of powerfull UV lamps. I deactivated the lights but left the man restrained while I proceeded to the other wing to see what my companions had found.
It would emerge that they encountered significantly more resistance than myself. They first found and unconscious man locked in a holding cell, Pongreet freed and revived him only for him to shift into the wolf-man form and become enraged, smashing his way into the next lab where scientists dissected another of the hengeyokai while he still lived, restrained by chains of silver that seared his flesh. Carnage soon ensued as my companions joined him in exacting revenge, I arrived shortly afterward, pleased to join the fray.

The surgeons resisted after a fashion but never stood a chance, we cut through them both figuratively and literally like a knife through warm butter. A third was with them though, one who used strange technologies to defend himself. He escaped in the blink of an eye when things turned against them though none know how. We took the injured shapeshifters to Derek and his men who awaited us outside. Inside bright red blood spattered the walls, all had ended well.
Unsure of how to proceed with the captured Western vampire we took him with us back to the ancestors of the Bone Court of Chongqing, they accepted responsibility for him albeit somewhat reluctantly. As far as we know at this time the matter is done with, though in my view the shapeshifters we aided now owe us a debt we should not hesitate to call upon.

Yamamoto Shinzo of Tanegashima

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