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Kindred of the East, Age of Sorrow: Chapter 4 - Battle at the dam
draxil wrote in dark_rp

Is this recording? I can't tell.. I can't see anything moving.

(sub audible mumbling) proper dicta-phone.

-recording cut-

Chimlin: Have just been to see our hengeyokai friends. They seem to heal up even faster than we do! Anyway Mr Green and his associates seem to have a theory that D.N.A and their Pentex overlords were trying to manufacture an artificial kuei jin with their experiments.. This seems insane to me, but then these people seem to have very dark designs for the world. Well, I'm on my way back to the court now so I'll speak to you later.

-recording cut-

Chimlin: Reasearch here at the bone court seems to concur with Mr Greens research. Also Chimlin, I heard back from Pim and her murder weapon is safe so at least I know things are going well there.

Still, D.N.A is a slippery fish and we can find no trace of them. However Pentex is a bigger fish, and we have traced a tenticle of their operation to nearby, so it's off to Yichang with us. I say us we have a new member of our wu, but more on that later Chimlin, I have to get the truck ready for the road.

-recording cut-

(barely contained rage) Never let anyone else drive Chimlin, remind me!! Never let anyone else drive!!

-recording cut-

(whisper) Chimlin: we're at a depot for a Pentex holding company in waste disposal. Problem is theyaren't taking the waste to the tip. We're going to sneak in and find out more.

-recording cut-

We're back on the road.. Let me recap. We got into the site office and found where they are dumping the waste. Seemingly they are dumping it in the flood plain of the dam. Why would anyone do such a thing?

We're just there now. And.. My god Chimlin. This is disgusting!

There's a lot more here than just domestic waste. It seems that they are dumping all kinds of foul and toxic shit here! We have to get out of here and find a way to stop them.

*rustling noises*

*a sudden shout, followed by cries of battle*

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This was session/chapter 4

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