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KIndred of the East, Age of Sorrow, Episode 5: The Demon and The Slave
gregglinsky wrote in dark_rp

And so the Deserter and the Rebel have joined the Lawman, Warrior and Wanderer.  The wu is complete and balanced, but its members are young.  With thier first taste of sucess, they must be careful not to become overconfident as they prepare to meet their destniny.

After witnessing the handiwork of the omnipresent Pentex, the wu spends a day chasing shadows and false leads around Yichang, like a dog snapping at fleas.  Pentex thrives where corruption is rife, but is always hidden, operating through cell like subsideries with only the thinniest links traced back to dubious goverment officials.

During their investigations a strange monkey crosses  the wu's path on several occasions.  As they leave Yichang Pongreet notices that it wears a small jade key.

When they return to Chongqing the court is full of talk of Pentex and D.N.A., but the younglings are told to tend to dharma and wu. "They should leave the important battle to their betters".

The lawman begins to forge a mutal respect with fox spirit now named Kitsune.  They spend the day sniffing out the halls of the bone court and exploring the Sky Mountain yang realm that exists along side the city under the mountain.

It is, when one has most to gain from exploring ones dharma, the favoured time of the Po to lead us to distraction.  This most auspicious wu is no exception.

And so they find themselves in the wolfs lair.  The visit was pleasant and welcome at first, until the Po seized its chance.  The Monkey was first, easily distracted by the western novilties, she soon offended the wu's host.  As the centre of the the wu crumbled.  Tempers rose, and an offand insult from the Warrior awoke the Slave.  It was time to leave.

Barley seconds into the privacy of the lift, the Monkeys antics infuriate the Demons.  Only the Deserter can control his Po to defend the mischeivious monkey from the Warrior Demon.  As the slave throws her self at the feet of the Lawman Demons feet.  But the deserters valient efforts are not enough.  The Warrior Demon rearms himself and runs the Monkey through, as the doors open.

  • yang realmThe Hundred-Mask Clowns, referring to Clan Ravnos

  • The Shameful Path of the Ghost Bully, referring to Clan Giovanni

  • The Silent Tiger Brotherhood, likely referring to Clan Assamite

  • The Rut of the Pretentious Geisha, likely referring to Clan Toreador

  • The Way of the Insufferable Flesh Gardners, likely referring to Clan Tzimisce

  • The Inauspicious Order of Blood Devils, likely referring to Clan Tremere

  • The Thousand Charming Company Men, likely referring to the Clan Ventrue

During the Victorian Era, the Bone Flowers also studied the Paths of Enlightenment under the umbrella term Dharmas of the Unexamined Horizon, before declaring them hoaxes.[2]

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PentEX! ;)

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