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Kote characters
gregglinsky wrote in dark_rp
Now you all have characters can i get u guys to post a scan or pic of your sheet here. It will help me balance the npcs around u, and  be useful for future reference.

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I think my character is at lukes.. I'll check tomorrow, otherwise I'll dig it out and do so.

Will do, we should probably all use the same tag with them as well so they can all be called up with a click.

hoping furiously that my c/sheet is at lukes.
people in her life:

Ki Moon - wrinkled old man (crane extraordinaire) aka teacher
Kwang-Jo Rim - father.
Areum Rim - mother (deceased)
Nu Ho-jin - Antiquities Dealer and long time friend (mortal but fabulously wealthy) also male
Song Da-Bin - the only woman min-seo rim has been in love with, died a long time ago, as parents couldn't accept she was gay.

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