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Kindred Of The East: Episode 1 (Humble Beginnings)
gregglinsky wrote in dark_rp

A lawman, A warrior and a Wanderer, Thousands of miles apart, each of different nation and even era, yet all adrift in the rivers of fate, rivers about merge as they claim their death right.

They could not seem more different, but they are part of one whole.  Three points of fate, Strength from the south, spirit from west and fluidity from the centre.  Bound as they are each is a reflection of the other.

In a metropolis\forest\roadside inn they each sit with their mentors.  The words are spoken are in different languages, but moulded by harmony of a common destiny.

"It is time to join\claim\submit to your duty to the Great Principle.  Put your affairs in order, and present yourself to the court."

And so the differences reflect the unity of purpose.  The lawman seeks justice, the warrior seeks peace, and the wanderer wanders.

In an alley in Bangkok the lawman waits for his prey, only to learn he is but a child in the night He is eventually victorious and emerges with a trophy, and only minor wounds.  By the time his trophy arrived at its destination the ash was only identifiable by the gold teeth caps. The dark shade following the lawman may finally know some peace.

On Tanegashima the warrior is disturbed from his routine by the return of the village kami Amatsu.  The two exchange a distrustful introduction.  The peace is not disturbed but the warriors instincts cry treachery.

Two more nights pass, and in unison...

The lawman arrives at the Golden Court. With its Matriarchal Pangellan Shintai Masters

The warrior reports to House Bishamon as if stepping back into the Samurai era.

The wonderer arrives at the steps of the Ancient Bone Court of Chongqing.

The trials where designed to brake them.  Test there limits and see how they conduct themselves.

The Song of shadow fell to wave soul, when faced with the suffering of the dark kingdom of jade.

The Devil tiger was taunted and tortured till his endurance was surpassed.

And The tempest of the inward focus was broken in almost every way. But she endured the humiliation of the court with as much dignity as anyone could expect under the circumstances, and eased fears of the wild dharma's.

Once the disciples had recovered they were each welcomed back into the court as equals amongst their own kind, to perform in front of their peers. Displays of Disciplines\martial prowess and acrobatics.  Each performance one part of a single three way dance.  An echo of a future battle.


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